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Clos de la Fonderie 23
1227 Carouge
022 342 74 00
Mon-Fri 8:30AM-6:30PM 
0900 83 83 43 (2fr/min)

our services

If you animal is sick, injured or he just needs a check-up, we can help you. Our specialised team is equipped to treat a large number of medical and surgical conditions.


We are ready to give your pet state of the art attention.


internal medecine

Does your cat drink a lot? It could be a problem of the kidneys, liver, or thyroid.  Thanks to taking a thorough medical history, performing a clinical exam and ancillary tests (as needed), we will be able to diagnose and treat your pet. 


Our priority is the quality of life of your beloved pet, without suffering.


Is Doggy itching? Is Kitty licking herself? It is NOT always normal!

We will be pleased to assist you, and will recommend a dermatologic consultation with our veterinary surgeon when needed.

In dermatology, ancillary tests like skin scraping and biopsies are often necessary.


Ultrasound imagery is the first choice technique for evaluating the abdominal organs and heart in detail. A specialist performs ultrasounds by appointment.

exotic animals

Is your rabbit sneezing? Is your snake prostrate? Our team of experts is trained to manage medical issues of exotic animals.


If your tortoise begins running like a hare, bring her in!



We perform preventive surgery (spaying, neutering), and soft tissue surgery (skin, wounds, internal organs). For orthopaedics, we collaborate with a specialised veterinary surgeon in the region.

 blood analysis lab

Our state of the art IDEXX in-house lab allows us to provide accurate diagnoses in only twenty minutes. We also offer screening tests for infectious diseases, geriatric check-ups, genetic tests and much more.



Broken paw? Fissured carapace? We can «see further» thanks to x-rays, which give us a large amount of useful informations for the diagnosis of your pet!


Did you know that about 80% of the pets aged seven or more years suffer from a dental or oral disease? Dental calculus, gum disease, bad mouth odour: No problem! We take care of your pet’s oral health by performing ultrasound teeth cleanings, treating various oral diseases, and giving you tips for a correct oral care.

nutrition and diet

It can be hard to keep your pet at an optimal weight! Excess weight can cause major problems such as diabetes, hearth and joint issues. We offer a large selection of high-quality food, and offer tailored nutritional plans to keep or reach your pet’s ideal weight. We may also recommend specific diets as part of the protocol for treating many diseases.


And regular weight checks are free!


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